An Incredibly Wet And Topless David Beckham Talks About Biting Harper Seven

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Father's Day's just around the river bend and David Beckham's gearing up for the annual holiday by talking about his parenting techniques in this month's issue of Elle UK. And he's talking about it as he emerges soaking wet from a pool wearing nothing by a pair of jeans. Yes jeans. Because some men can't be bothered to change into a bathing suit or shorts or any material that weighs less than wet denim. I suppose when you're married to an authentic Spice Girl, pool-couture rules and gravity laws don't apply to you.

As the first man to ever appear on the cover of the women's magazine, he sets out to impress us and prove why he belongs there. And he does.  But not because Victoria Beckham called in a favor. It's because he talks about parenting so sweetly that you just want to jump into that pool with him and show him how much more enjoyable swimming can be when you're not wearing a pair of jeans.

He talks about being a father to a daughter for the first time and how it differs from raising his three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

It's great. I love to bite her legs, or shoulders. It's how a baby should be. She's so beautiful. There's no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it's just different. When they (boys) are kids you can roll them around and they fall to the sides and they pick themselves up and they're fine. Whereas Harper, now, she hits herself just slightly and she cries . . . I still think ‘Oh God, I can't believe this, I've got a girl.' And to see the boys with her it's incredible. When they walk into the room, her little face lights up.”

Disregarding the fact that David Beckham noshes on his baby daughter like she's some kind of exotic delicacy, this quote makes me “awww” all over. He clearly loves Harper so much. Even though she's a total drama queen who cries when she hits herself.

I can't wait to watch this family grow up together and I can't wait to see what else David Beckham has to say about raising a daughter. Assuming, of course, that she emerges from her childhood without any major bite wounds.