Six Days After Dave Letterman’s Retirement Announcement, His Replacement Has Already Been Chosen

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Stephen Colbert eyebrow dance GIFIt's been less than a week since Dave Letterman casually announced on The Late Show that he'd be retiring in 2015, but the network has already chosen his replacement.

And who is it? Stephen Colbert, of course, which I guess isn't that surprising if you've been following the news that he was CBS' front runner. But it is surprising when you live in a world where decisions like this can drag on for weeks if not months, so I'm frankly shocked that they put it together in six days.

There's been no official press release yet, but both TV Guide and CBS itself have confirmed Stephen's casting on Twitter, promising more information to come:



So hurray! An exciting time for a bunch of people! Stephen, obviously, because he's moving to a major network and massively expanding his audience, Jon Stewart because he was the one who recommended him and has nurtured his talent for all these years, and even the #cancelcolbert people! This may not be the way they had hoped to get Stephen off of The Colbert Reportbut it'll do, right?

The only person who's probably not psyched is Chelsea Handler, who looked for a brief moment like she might have a shot at being the first female late night host on a channel that doesn't have an exclamation point in it. But better luck next time, Chelsea! The fact that Stephen cruised through this process so quickly suggests that his name has been floating around for months or years even, so good for him for getting through it.

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