Dave Grohl Explains His Eff-You to Glee Creator Ryan Murphy

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Ryan Murphy vs. Kings of Leon and Dave Grohl is shaping up to be the battle of the decade aside from those battles that results in the actual loss of human life and civil liberties. To recap: At the beginning of the year, Ryan attacked KOL for rejecting Glee‘s query about using one of their songs, calling them self-centered assholes; KOL attached Ryan right back with their own profane jabs; months ago, Dave Grohl gave an interview defending Kings of Leon by shooting Ryan Murphy with yet another “fuck you.”

Last night on Chelsea Lately, Dave further explained what his comments were all about:

“I was doing an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, I didn't realize it was some TV Hollywood thing, I was talking to some dude and I said fuck Glee. Why should you have to do it? Why is that necessary for you to have to do, as a rock musician, why should you have to say okay Glee, take my song and turn it into a fucking musical?”

That seems pretty reasonable, right? Additionally, here's where the logic in Ryan Murphy's entire argument gets a little questionable: in his initial attack on KOL, he claimed the band was, “Missing the big picture: that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument.”

Definitely, it's hard to argue against a seven-year-old kid picking up a musical instrument or wanting to sing in the school chorus. Arts education is 100% for sure a good thing. However, Kings of Leon is a rock band and their most popular song is about fucking. It's about STDS and road head — and the educational merits of a song like that aren't exactly obvious.

And Dave Grohl? Dave was in Nirvana for goodness' sake. It's hard to see the line from seven-year-old kid picking up a guitar to 18-year-old kid tying off in the bathroom of a nightclub as a particularly educationally worthwhile one. This isn't to say that every child who's inspired to play the drums in elementary school is going to end up an addict who feels the need to recount his fiery sexual exploits in front of an audience of millions. That would be ridiculous. However, to completely ignore that aspect of the careers of these musicians whom you're hoping to hold up as inspirational role models is just absurd. And that's what Ryan Murphy's doing. At the end of the day, Glee‘s a television show with a dozen-person wardrobe department and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of studio lighting on hand to aid in the creation of its universe. And to hold that up as a bastion of arts education is arrogant — and perhaps even an actual detriment to those seven-year-olds who are thinking it might be amazing to sing in their school chorus.

Did I just sign up for battle? Bring it on, Murphy; I can curse like a sailor with the best of you.