Dave Franco’s GQ Shoot Reminds Us James Isn’t The Only Franco Worth Noticing

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Did you know that James Franco had an equally hot, more mainstream, less smirky, younger actor brother? It's true! If you missed our posts on Dave Franco‘s “Go Fuck Yourself” video and web series with James, feel free to go back and catch up, then click through for some new Dave Franco goodness.

In GQ‘s April cover story, we learn some new things about the 26-year-old 21 Jump Street star, like:

1.) Dave Franco is often cast to play assholes, because he has an “asshole face” (or so he's been told). Dave Franco is somewhat troubled by this.

2.) Dave Franco is more wary than his brother of doing things that seem like they might be “pretentious shit.”

3.) Dave Franco looks very good in a suit:

That last fact will probably get him more attention than any of the other ones, but let the record state that we think he seems like a talented and intelligent young man.

(Via GQ)