Dave Chappelle Has (Maybe) Joined Twitter

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Holy shit, you guys. After several years of resistance, the notoriously reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle appears to have joined Twitter this week, quickly amassing over 100,000 followers. His account has yet to be verified, but Aziz Ansari says it's him, and why would Tom Haverford lie to us? In addition to the celeb co-sign, something about his tweets thus far just seems very…Chappellian.

He kicked things off with a Chinese riddle: “if a man does not tweet, does he exist?” Next, he complained that someone else had taken his name (you snooze you lose, buddy), before posting a photo of himself on his motorcycle:

After that, he did the prerequisite “talk self-deprecatingly about how few followers you have” thing, to which Twitter responded by blowing his shit up like crazy. Now, he's not quite sure where to go from here:

Is this the beginning of a career comeback for him? A lot of people are probably hoping so.

Just remember to tweet wisely, Dave Chappelle. I'd hate to see you quit your Twitter account like you once quit your delightful show.