Prepare To Fall In Love: 10 Amazing Darren Criss Videos In Honor Of His 26th Birthday

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Darren Criss Glee

Darren Criss first stole our hearts in 2009 when his wizarding parody A Very Potter Musical went viral on YouTube. Since then, he made an adorable cameo in Katy Perry's “Last Friday Night” music video, debuted on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starred as Blaine Anderson on Glee, and co-starred with Kristen Wiig in the upcoming movie Girl Most Likely,– which is set for release this summer.

Darren Criss got his start by being adorable and talented in YouTube videos, and he never really stopped doing that. With his great sense of humor and natural musical talent he has left behind a trail of candid performances and interviews on YouTube that are too endearing for words.

In celebration of his 26th birthday, we've compiled some of the highlights below. But watch out! The Darren Criss part of YouTube can be almost as addicting as the funny cat part, the sneezing baby part and the '90s music video part.

With no further ado, let's begin!

Darren Covers “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast

This video is from forever ago, remember that fro? He performs an awesome acoustic arrangement of “Belle” and betrays himself as a Disney freak. From one Disney freak to another, so much love!

Darren’s Answers Questions for a Rolling Stone Interview

Darren answers all the interview questions in song. Brb, currently trying to hire Darren to narrate my life with his gorgeous singing voice. Does anyone know how to contact him. Linkedin perhaps?

Darren Sings an Impromptu Song for Ellen DeGeneres

Darren wrote a song for Ellen backstage. It’s about Finding Nemo 2 and it has cute rhymes. Ellen looks like she’s going to burst from happiness. Hey, I would too if Darren wrote a song for me. (Darren, are you reading this? Please write a song for me.)

Darren Sings Behind the Scenes of Darren’s GQ Interview

Darren sings acoustic snippets of pop songs, including one funny improvised song about getting fitted for his photo shoot.

Darren Shares the First Time He Knew He Wanted To Be An Actor

Darren talks about his career as an actor as part of a Uniqlo ad campaign. Turns out he knew he wanted to act after seeing Aladdin in theaters for the first time. So does this mean he’s going to star in Aladdin the Musical when it comes to Broadway? Fingers crossed.

Darren performs “Teenage Dream” with Katy Perry

After his Glee cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” hit number one on iTunes, Darren performed the song with Katy Perry herself at Trevor Live, a benefit for The Trevor Project.

Darren stars in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway

Darren Criss made his Broadway debut when he took over for Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for three weeks in January of last year. Let’s hope this is only the beginning of Darren’s career on Broadway. After all, he is a triple threat.

Darren raves about Coachella while at Coachella

Darren raves about how awesome Coachella was while covered in body paint. He was there supporting his brother Chuck Criss’s awesome band Freelance Whales.

Darren Goofs Off With Susan Blackwell

After hosting the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards (and winning one himself), Darren jokes around with Susan Blackwell and also licks her face. Yes, you read that correctly. Face licking.

Darren Performs at Obama’s Second Inauguration

With a little help from the Soul Children of Chicago, Darren performs his hopeful ballad “Not Alone” (which you can find on his album “Human – EP”) at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert. Inspiring.