The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons Match-Up We’re Most Excited For Is Exes Danny And Melinda

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Danny Jamieson Melinda Stolp divorced The Challenge: Battle of the SeasonsLast year, we were devastated to learn that one of our favorite The Real World couples, Boston boy Danny Jamieson and outrageous Melinda Stolp, were getting divorced after about two years of marriage. But now they're reuniting! Sort of. MTV just announced the cast list for The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, where the teams are grouped by past Real World seasons. Representing the Austin house are Danny and Melinda, plus Lacey Buehler and Wes Bergmann.

They'll compete with alums from the Real World Brooklyn, Vegas, Cancun, New Orleans, San Diego, and St. Thomas seasons. But as we know with reality shows, alliances only last for so long. Already in the trailer below you see Wes plotting against his ex-housemates and saying of the competition, “These people really are as dumb as they look.” And while you only get a glimpse of Danny complaining about having to trust Melinda again, that's enough to get us wondering how they'll interact their first time on-screen together in nearly two years!

Danny and Melinda never revealed why they got a divorce, so we don't know how amicable the split was. Interestingly, neither has addressed the announcement over social media yet, neither on her Twitter nor his Facebook. All we have is the preview below, where there's at least some awkwardness. But if your marriage ends after only a year or two, you know that there must have been some big blowup.

What's ironic is that Melinda was the one who confirmed the divorce when she appeared on The Challenge: Cutthroat in 2010, telling MTV that she was glad to move out of the shadow of “Danny and Melissa.” At the time she said, “I'm really looking forward to proving to my team that I don't have to be a part of a relationship to be a good competitor.” But she must not have made the impact she expected to on Cutthroat, since now she is being judged by how well she can work with Danny… until she has to throw him under the bus if they both make it to the final challenge. And you know MTV will do everything in their power to make that happen.

Photo: Katherine Christine/WENN