12 Times Danny Castellano Understood You Better Than You Understand Yourself

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danny castellano striptease the mindy project

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We all have our favorite characters on TV shows. You know who I mean: the ones who just seem to speak our language, like they're reaching out through the screen to give us a hug and say, “I feel you, boo.” Well, that's how I feel about Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) on The Mindy Project. That's not to say that I don't think Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal, because trust me, I do. She is, quite literally, perfect in every way.

But Danny just gets me. In fact, some (and by some I mean me, obviously) might say that he understands me even better than I understand myself sometimes. And, since I'm all about projecting and assuming that everyone else feels exactly as I do about most subjects, I'm gonna go ahead and say that he probably understands you, too. Need convincing? Well, you're in luck! I've outlined a generous handful of times that Danny just got you. Cue the “OH PREACH, HONEY” moments startingggg……..NOW.

1. When your parents take you out to dinner and start talking to you about your career choices:

danny castellano i wanna talk but i'm really hungry


Oh, and thanks for the free dinner, guys!

2. When you roam around the city in yoga pants because you're a lady and you do what you please:

danny castellano you're a woman


They're cozy and they make my booty look good, and there's really not much more I can ask for.

3. When your friend texts you for the third time in one hour about chipping in for the next holiday party:

danny castellano christmas party


I will chip in an extra $5 if you leave me alone.

4. When your friend really wants to share her feelings with you, but you're watching Netflix:

danny castellano i wanna share this show with you


Um, sorry, I'm like half a season behind on Once Upon A Time, can you just, like, can it for a sec? Thanks.

5. When your roommate asks you why you got Chipotle for dinner six times this week:

danny castellano i wanted to



6. When you look at the pictures the kids you're babysitting drew for you that include bright yellow, smiling suns wearing sunglasses:

danny castellano sunglasses


Is this what the whole “modern art” thing is? Because I don't get it.

7. When you're at the beach with your friends and they ask you why you don't want to go swimming with them:

danny castellano i fear the ocean out of respect


I've seen Shark Week. I know what goes on down there.

8. When you're friends want you to rally and go out on a Friday night with them but you're not really feeling it:

danny castellano clothes


Pants are the enemy. Everyone knows that.

9. When your mom calls to “check in and say hi” but then she ends up going on a 30-minute rant about what the neighbors did that day:

danny castellano ma ma ma


Or, alternately, when you're trying to get your mom's attention à la Stewie from Family Guy.

10. When the guy sitting next to you on the subway has really long hair and it somehow keeps managing to get in your face:

danny castellano get a haircut


Real talk, though, this happens way more often than you'd think.

11. When people sitting around you in the office start talking about the new episode Game of Thrones but you're only on the second season:

danny castellano was that necessary


I'll just be over here shoving my headphones deep into my eardrums and pretending YOU AREN'T SAYING ANYTHING LA LA LA.

12. And last but not least, when he was brave enough to say what you've been thinking all along:

danny castellano screw you bradley cooper