Danielle Staub Analyzes ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Season 3 Episode 9

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Disclaimer: Danielle Staub did not actually write this post. But, as avid fans of the show, we figured we might have a little insight into her own take on the show. The views expressed here are not those of Crushable, but rather are simply an imagining of what Danielle might have to say.

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On episode nine of Real Housewives of New Jersey season three, it’s Christmas time in Jersey! The ladies prepare to celebrate the good old-fashioned way, with professional tree/house decorators and a humongous party with a step-and-repeat and real live carolers. It’s also Ashley‘s birthday, and we watch her grapple with the fact that her biological father wasn’t able to come up to celebrate. Things come to a head at Melissa and Joe‘s Christmas party, when Kim G shows up with a Giudice nemesis, Monica Chacon, who is the lawyer suing Joe Giudice. See what Danielle Staub had to say about this week’s episode.