Danielle Staub Analyzes ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Season 3 Episode 12

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Disclaimer: Danielle Staub did not actually write this post. But, as avid fans of the show, we figured we might have a little insight into her own take on the show. The views expressed here are not those of Crushable, but rather are simply an imagining of what Danielle might have to say.

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While it’s early August for the rest of us, it’s New Year’s Eve for the Real Housewives of New Jersey! Leading up to that night, the ladies try to work on their relationships. Jacqueline asks for her father’s advice in helping Ashley to grow up, which proves to be an arduous task. Teresa and her adorable daughters head to Melissa‘s for a play date, and while the kids run around, the grown-ups have a less-than-pleasant time. When it comes time for the annual New Year’s Eve party at the Brownstone, Caroline feels obligated to invite the Wakiles. Check out Danielle Staub‘s expert analysis on this week’s episode!

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