I Think Danielle Jonas Might’ve Worn The Wrong Pregnancy Belly To The Gym

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Danielle Jonas pregnant belly at the gym October 2013Is it too early in the day for me to elaborate on a conspiracy theory? Because I'm in the mood to do that while I eat my bagel, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. So remember last week when we filled you in on the rumors that Danielle Jonas is faking her pregnancy? That allegedly she and Kevin Jonas announced that they were going to have a baby because they had an adoption situation lined up that seemed like it was going to work out. But then it apparently fell through somehow, and now the Jonas team is scrambling, trying to come up with a solution to this problem. Which is probably pretty stressful, considering they have a fairly ironclad nine month deadline to contend with.

Or you'd think it's ironclad, anyway. But maybe it's not. The reason I say that is because the timeline is getting a little wonky to me, and I can't figure out how pregnant Danielle thinks she is versus how pregnant she's supposed to be based on when they announced. According to Blind Gossip, Danielle allegedly has multiple bellies to choose from, which probably gets very confusing:

“To further perpetuate this scam, Danielle and Kevin bought a series of five fake pregnancy bellies from a company called Moon Bump (makers of fake prosthetic bellies for the television and film industry) in May 2013.”

Danielle posted a photo to Instagram of herself working out at the gym the other day, and I kind of feel like she might have worn the wrong pregnancy belly that day. Like she was rooting through her stuff and couldn't find her second trimester workout belly so she was like, “Ugh, WHATEVER, I'll just eat a burrito on my way to the gym and then use the belly from my first trimester. It'll be fine.”

I'm no expert, but that belly looks off to me, so let's walk through the timeline for a second.This pregnancy was announced on July 9th, 2013. Typically, people (particularly celebrities), don't announce until they're at least three months pregnant, but let's give Kevin and Danielle the extreme benefit of the doubt and assume that for some reason, they announced at one month. I don't know why they would do that, and there's no guarantee they would've even thought to check after only one missed period, but sure. On July 9th, Danielle was at least one month pregnant, so she conceived on June 9th at the latest.

Then, on August 29th, the Jonases made a gender announcement, revealing that the baby is a girl, something that can't be determined until twelve weeks into a pregnancy. So according to that, Danielle got pregnant slightly before June 9th, but it still basically fits into the optimistic timeline we've laid out. It would put the date of conception at June 6th, at the latest. Which would make Danielle almost five months pregnant right now. Which makes sense to me, looking at her belly in the gym photos.

Danielle Jonas sonogram July 2013BUT. The sonogram that Danielle and Kevin released on August 6th (above) shows an extremely developed baby. We asked one of our friends over at Mommyish to estimate the age of the baby in the photo, and she guessed about five months. Given, she could be wrong, but she has a bunch of kids herself and writes for a parenting blog, so she's seen her fair share of sonograms. If that baby was five months along on August 6th, that would make much more sense with the pregnancy announcement taking place on July 9th, at the traditional three month mark.

But what it doesn't make sense with is the current Instagram that Danielle just posted. Because in no world is the woman in that picture eight months along. Five, maybe, but not coming up on eight. No matter what you believe, you have to admit that the timeline is pretty confusing. Because it's either a question of why did they announce the pregnancy so early, or why is a seven-month-plus pregnant lady barely showing? Or maybe it's somewhere in between. Who knows. (Well, we will, starting on January 9th, which is the earliest this baby will be born, and leading up to sometime in March 2014, which is the latest.)

All I'm saying is, if this pregnancy is fake, which is what the blind items want us to believe, then Danielle needs to get her fake belly game on lock right now. Because this timeline is mad suspicious.

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