Daniel Radcliffe Was Sometimes Drunk While On The Set Of Harry Potter

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Daniel Radcliffe
admitted to a drinking problem after he'd decided to quit, which made the news less likely to become a tabloid headline. Harry Potter has a drinking problem is infinitely more attention grabbing then Harry Potter had a drinking problem.

Now, however, in a promotional interview for his new movie The Woman in Black, Daniel has admitted that his drinking encroached on his work on the Harry Potter set; he's actually come in for a shoot drunk. Daniel explained, “I went into work still drunk, but I never drank at work … I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes.”

One of the big questions he leaves unanswered is which Potter films he shot smashed. He didn't stop drinking until August of 2010, after the last filmed wrapped, meaning he could have been less than sober even as he battled it out with Lord Voldemort for the last time (and who could blame him, that movie was rough).

The legal age to buy alcohol in the UK in England is eighteen, so he could have easily been hiding his habit since the sixth film, but being underage doesn't mean you can't access alcohol. Was he tipsy as early as The Goblet of Fire, when he got long rebellious hair, or even The Prisoner of Azkaban when the three stars started looking like teens instead of kids? At any rate it's great he realized he had a problem and was able to quit.

He should expect a supercut by Monday though: Harry Potter Scenes Where Daniel Radcliffe Does Look a Little Glassy-eyed.