Daniel Radcliffe Wants Tattoos, As Long As They’re Nothing Like Harry Styles’

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Daniel Radcliffe signing autographs outside Noel Coward Theater in London June 2013Girls, we got ourselves a Harry versus Harry showdown, because Daniel Radcliffe is facing off with Harry Styles. Pay no attention to the fact that Harry Styles has no idea he's even involved in a showdown, and the fact that Daniel Radcliffe probably doesn't actually go by Harry Potter in real life, but rather only in my daydreams, and JUST GO WITH IT. This is The Thunderdome, and we're calling it ‘Harry vs. Harry' because that has a much better ring to it than ‘Daniel Radcliffe says a thing about Harry Styles, Harry does not retort because he didn't know a thing about it.' Who wants to read that post?

When we really think about it, it's a troubling habit we have, getting Harry into these tattoo battles without ever breathing a word of it to him. We had him go toe-to-toe with Justin Bieber and Harry actually lost, so I'm hoping none of tattoos were injured in the scuffle. I'd hate to see one of those swallows flapping around his chest with a broken wing. I might never forgive myself. But anyway, let's get to the point, shall we? Even though Daniel Radcliffe, aka our first Harry, has never gotten a tattoo, he tells Now Magazine:

“I've always liked tattoos. I think they look great and when they're done well they're really, really cool.”

When the interviewer draws a comparison to One Direction‘s Harry Styles, telling Dan that Harry has two swallows and a giant butterfly, as well as other designs on his chest, Dan says:

“[Are they] like prison tattoos? Isn't that what you have when you've done five years?”

OH SNAP. Them's fighting words, am I right? I don't care that these guys don't know each other and that this was probably an offhand remark. I demand a brawl in the streets, and I intend to get one.

(Image: WENN.com)