Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Becoming Our Generation’s Premiere Sex Actor

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The Art of Sex Acting with Daniel Radcliffe

In an interview that will make you want to go back in time and see Daniel Radcliffe dance around stage naked with a horse in Equus, he talks to Josh Horowitz at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival about his career as a sex actor. Yes, the boy who lived is all grown up now and doling out sex acting tips like they're Gryffindor points. And to make it even better, he's doling them out to my reporter crush, Josh Horowitz. For those of you who don't watch his ah-mazing celebrity interviews, you're really missing out on some magic. He's one of the few reporters who actually manages to get celebrities off of their boring scripts.

Like the time he got Anna Kendrick to talk about her cocaine addiction in this interview  or the time that he got Josh Hutcherson to give advice on being a sensitive guy in this interview or the time he got Daniel Radcliffe to say the p-word in the interview we're talking about right now. (You know the p-word, don't you? No? Fine, I'll spell it out for you — it's penetration. I'm working really hard on making not-NSFW sound NSFW. It's just a pet project of mine.)

While I think he left a little to be desired in the sex acting tips department, this interview's well worth a watch. Especially since he debuted three movies — Kill Your DarlingsHorns, The F Word — at the Toronto International Film Festival this year and is therefore about to be the next big thing all over again. Harry Potter legacy be damned — he's determined to make it in Hollywood as a sex actor this time around.