Daniel Radcliffe Is Pulling An R-Pattz And Crapping On The Project That Made Him Famous

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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter putting on his glasses GIFDaniel Radcliffe just said in an interview that the early Harry Potter movies are ‘hard to watch', so did one of you let him come into contact with Robert Pattinson?

I left specific instructions that those two weren't to be anywhere near each other, because Rob had such a contagious case of firstus projectus insultus, but the virus has jumped to a new host so I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. As you probably recall, we first became aware that Rob was afflicted with this disease when he started talking shit about Twilight, the project that made him famous. And now we're seeing the very same signs of illness in DanRad, who in an interview with The South Bank Show blames his own poor performance on the fact that the studios never hired an acting coach:

“If we had a singing scene we had a singing teacher come in. If we had a dance scene a dance coach would come in. We never had an acting coach in all the time we were there and there were times we could have done with one. I know I could have.”

Well I guess it could be worse, because Dan is calling out himself for being crappy, rather than the movie, which is what R-Pattz did, but still. We're in dangerous territory.

“There wasn’t a lot of nuance to my performance when we were young and I find those early films very hard to watch personally. There were certain things I just didn’t know. There were certain things like how to break down a script, or even certain questions like what does a certain character want out of a certain scene.”

Caaaaareful buddy! You're teetering right on the edge of insulting the franchise! Come on back! Come owwwnnnnnnn back!

“I never wanted to be one of those people that turned round and had to be disparaging about what they had done in the past in order to make a career for themselves in the future.”

There he is! Dan Radcliffe's inherent politeness saves the day again, even in the face of certain Pattinsonian peril.

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