You’re Going To Want To Be Daniel Radcliffe’s Roommate After You Watch This Interview

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daniel radcliffe interview

Well, something miraculous just happened for me. And tell you what, I hope it happens for you too after you watch this amazing Daniel Radcliffe video. I managed to get through an entire interview with him without thinking about Harry Potter. I know, I know. I never thought I'd see the day when I would be able to stop typecasting him. But it's here, the day that I dreamed of for so long is here.

And this happened just in time. Mostly because DanRad's starring in the indie flick Kill Your Darlings about beat poets with Elizabeth Olsen and Michael C. Hall. And i'm pretty sure there's no wizardry or witchcraft involved in playing Allen Ginsberg,  sooooo it's nice to know I'll be able to go into the theater and be able to refrain from yelling “accio popcorn!”

I'm sure MTV's Josh Horowitz felt the same way when he interviewed DanRad at the 2013 Sundance film festival for this enlightening video. As I've said before, Josh Horowitz manages to do the best celebrity interviews in the biz. I'm jealous, but also impressed. Well done Josh, well done. (Although you should watch your back. One day I'll interview the entire '90s TGIF line-up in bed and we'll see who's better at interviews then.)

This time around he's interviewing DanRad aout his movie while simultaneously interviewing him for an open roommate position. It's not often you get to see an interview go down while both people are in bed together, but it's nice. Surprisingly nice.

And random sidenote before you click play, I'm really digging his accent. It sounds so much better without all that magic nonsense getting in the way. Agree? Disagree? Leave me hate mail in the comments.