Daniel Radcliffe Becomes My New Hero By Making Fun Of The Celebrity Kickstarter Trend

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Daniel Radcliffe Dane DeHaan MTV After Hours 2013

If there was any doubt left that Daniel Radcliffe can move past his history at Hogwarts and hold his own separate from Harry Potter, this video will change that. It's a video with MTV After Hours, hosted by Josh Horowitz, who is awesome at bringing celebrities out of their snore-worthy shells. If Josh, Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres got together to do an interview, the world would never be the same. They're all interview wizards, and if they harnessed their powers they could probably get January Jones to look like she's enjoying herself. They're that powerful. Josh and Daniel have already done a few videos together, so they've established a great rapport, and Daniel was a wizard in a past life so their powers mesh well.

I especially like this new video because it makes fun of the recent Kickstarter trend. I don't dislike Kickstarter as a concept, only the fact that millionaires have started asking for money on it so they can make a movie I will then have to pay more money to see. Not really a fan of that. But I'm a fan of Daniel Radcliffe poking fun at it by pitching a movie with his Kill Your Darlings co-star Dane DeHaan. To borrow a phrase from Stefan, this movie has everything. Brooklyn accents, improvisation, raw emotion, and most importantly hardcore sex. It's the hardcore sex part that Daniel really wants to emphasize. As we've already established, he's one of Hollywood's most iconic sex actors.

I highly recommend you watch this video and then prepare to throw out all your preconceived notions of him. He's not the boy who lived anymore. He's the boy who took his clothes off for a few indie movies and is surprisingly hilarious in every Internet video he makes an appearance in. That's a long nickname, so we'll work on that.

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