Watching Daniel Radcliffe Sort Kanye West Into Slytherin Will Lift Your Harry Potter-Loving Spirits

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Daniel Radcliffe Kanye West Slytherin 6-20-14

Though some of us may be more inclined to refer to Kanye West as He Who Must Not Be Named on most occasions, Daniel Radcliffe doesn't quite agree it's as bad as all that.  That's right, Harry Potter himself was hilariously asked to sort current celebrities into different Hogwarts houses when he stopped by Buzzfeed's offices yesterday.  I personally think Miley Cyrus is more of a Hufflepuff myself, but I'll let the real Hogwarts alum have his way on that one.

Everyone from the Queen to Jon Hamm was given their rightful place, and it was adorably amusing to see a flustered Daniel Radcliffe delightedly decide where these folks should go and why.  His justification for Miley: “Come to Gryffindor, Miley, we'll sort you out.” Haaaaa. No but seriously, I love everything about this game.  Especially the part where Kanye West's face comes up and the audience chimes in:

Damn straight someone said Slytherin!  Do you know how many people want to avada kedavra his ass lately?  It's like he's on a one-man quest to gain more enemies than Snape and Filch the janitor combined every time he opens his mouth in public.  You can't even blame Beyonce and Jay-Z for not coming to his wedding.  I mean, would Lily and James Potter grace the Malfoy nuptials with their presence?  I think not.   (I was gonna go for a “Jay-Z's got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one” thing here, but I don't know if I can pull that off.)

I think the part of this entire clip that tickled me the most was the moment immediately after Daniel deemed Kanye to House Slytherin: “I think he'd be happy with that, actually.” Because of course he would.