Daniel Radcliffe Is Still Out To Prove He’s No Harry Potter

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Still Out To Prove He s No Harry Potter alg actor daniel radcliffe jpegWhenever you turn around lately you see yet another Daniel “Don’t Call Me Harry Potter” Radcliffe related headline. While he’s been on the prowl to promote his new film, The Woman in Black, Radcliffe is also having some severe case of what is known as “diarrhea of the mouth.”

It’s great that he’s popping out from behind his Harry Potter cape to show that he’s opinionated, a former lush and a sex maniac at his tender age, but one has to wonder when he’ll just stop talking. Enough already, Daniel!

Last night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Radcliffe revealed that the backlash over Lana Del Rey‘s horrendous performance on the SNL he hosted made him “angry.” Grrr. He also confessed that the Twilight saga is “not his cup of tea,” which means he probably won’t be invited to Kristen Stewart and fellow Brit Robert Pattinson‘s wedding — if a wedding were to happen.

However, he is a big fan of The Strokes, and prefers “guitars, stuff with intelligence” when it comes to his taste in music. But on a sad note for The Hunger Games fans, he’s never read it. So what we have here is ample input for the Valentine’s Day care package that you may be thinking about sending Radcliffe’s way next week:

– A mix CD that contains The Strokes and other bands with “intelligent” stuff.

– A copy of The Hunger Games

– Absolutely no Twilight DVDs

– And, thanks to earlier statements, well, you know how you should (or shouldn’t) be “groomed” in any nude photo you might be including in the package.

Keeping up with Daniel Radcliffe is the best way to spend a Friday.