If Harry Potter Moved To Brooklyn, He Would Look Like Daniel Radcliffe Right Now

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Holy hipster and skinny leg jeans! Daniel Radcliffe‘s playing Allen Ginsberg in the upcoming movie  Kill Your Darlings that is currently shooting right now in Brooklyn and his latest photo shows that Harry Potter is all grown-up. All grown-up and ironically shopping at Salvation Army.

While People Magazine says that the role of Allen Ginsberg is “quite a stretch for the former wizard,” I have to disagree based on this photo alone. A stretch would be if Harry played a character with 20/20 vision or one who abhored scarves.

The guy looking at me from this photo could be Harry after he spends a few years teaching an English course at a liberal arts college in upstate New York.

That blazer screams, “I want students to take me seriously.”

That mussed-up hair says “Ginny Weasley insisted on sexing me up before dropping off the twins at an organic nursery school.”

And that scarf-turtleneck combo boldly states, “my neck gets irrationally cold and I'm not embarassed to wear two layers to keep it heated.”

As a huge Harry Potter aficionado, I'm happy to see Daniel Radcliffe reprise the role again and again and again. I would be content for the rest of my life if he does nothing but subtle offshoots of the Harry Potter character.

It would be like watching fan fiction come to life.

What if Harry Potter moved to Brooklyn?

What if Harry Potter was a Beat Generation poet?

What if Harry Potter never used a hair brush for the rest of his life?

Do you see how much fun this could be for Harry Potter fans. It would mean we would never have to grow up. We could constantly keep reliving our childhood through his roles. All I request is that he find a way to work the names “Herminone and Dumbledore” into every film he does.

Who's to say Herminione wasn't also a poet?

(Photo: People)