Daniel Radcliffe Continues To Boggle Minds With His ‘Bad Boy’ Ways

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With every child star, there comes a time when they want to shake their former good-kid image and show that yes, they do have some badass ways. Look at Lindsay Lohan, for example, she's really proven that ‘good' child stars can grow into, well, utter disasters. Now it's Daniel Radcliffe's turn.

Radcliffe has been making the rounds and saying things that prove he isn't 100% Harry Potter after all. In fact, he's just as messed up and complicated as the rest of us.

Because it clearly wasn't enough to admit to being drunk on the set of Harry Potter and his preference in pubic hair on potential lovers, Radcliffe has now come clean and said that he has given the ol' in-out to Harry Potter groupies. This may not be the 1970's anymore and he may not be the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, but considering the fanaticism behind the Harry Potter franchise, there's a good chance that Radcliffe has gotten more than his fair share of, how do I say this politely, poontang.

Let's take a look back at some of our favorite Daniel Radcliffe quotes from the past few months that prove that perhaps he's trying to show the world that he is indeed a ‘bad boy.'