Daniel Eric Gold’s McDonalds Commercial

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A couple of weeks ago, when this flashed on our TV, my family made me rewind the DVR to view it again.  Sure enough, it was Ugly Betty’s Daniel Eric Gold starring in a commercial for McDonald’s dollar menu:

Hey, if you’ll remember, David Blue had a killer Subway commercial.

Gold is really starting to grow on me.  I think where his real comedic talent lies is playing it straight while ridiculous things are happening all around him.  Sort of like Bob Newhart back in the day.  There’s no better environment for that kind of comedy than the world of Mode and Meade, and the Suarezes.  Throw in a dysfunctional, rich family, and Gold has a, er, goldmine of opportunity to look confused and bemused.

I thought they went overboard in Ugly Betty episode 3.20, Rabbit Test, with Matt’s “disappointed” look.  But, I think Gold’s stint on the show can produce some great comedy, if the producers use him correctly.  Just put him in a room with Marc and Amanda and let them go!

Oh, and the commercial is funny – I love the spot of spray tan!