Can This Week’s SNL Just Be 90 Minutes Of Daniel Craig And Taran Killam Goofing Around?

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We're only two episodes in to Saturday Night Live‘s new season, and the show has been hitting it out of the park, host-wise. Seth MacFarlane did a great job ushering in the new cast members in the season premiere, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt captured our hearts with his Magic Mike pelvic thrusts. And in case you were worried that this Saturday's host Daniel Craig wouldn't be able to rise to the occasion… well, all you have to do is watch these promos and you'll be convinced.

Honestly, I almost never watch the promos, but I've “squee”d over this twice already. Daniel is joined by SNL‘s fifth-newest cast member Taran Killam, who has such a crush on James Bond. At first Daniel plays “straight guy” to Taran's fanboy, but things get even better when he just goes for it and embraces the bromance. “You know what I would be up for?” the usually stern actor says, then basically squeals, “A montage!”

Yes, that's exactly what we wanted, even though we wouldn't have known how to ask for it. I don't even know which was my favorite bit—the silly glasses, the wacky wigs, the Crumbs cupcakes… I guess we should've guessed that Daniel was this funny! After all, if he could slam the Kardashians, you have to imagine that he doesn't take things too seriously. The fact that he plays both ends of the spectrum has me confident that he'll take whatever the SNL cast throws at him, from an obvious Bond parody to… maybe a jab at Justin Bieber or One Direction? Or maybe the writers will make him revisit his hatred of the Kardashians. But I bet he'll be a trooper.