Obviously You Can’t Have The London Olympics Without Daniel Craig Parachuting Into The Stadium

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Daniel Craig James Bond Skyfall Olympics parachute The ArrivalI'm not a huge fan of sports, and some years my favorite part of the Olympics is the opening ceremonies: Watching the teams march around the Olympic stadium proudly bearing their country's flag and dressed in some awesome but sporty outfit that represents their culture. And of course, you wonder what ever the host city will think up as its own tribute/spectacle. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, we watched dancers seemingly paint characters over a giant scroll that unfurled through the stadium.

For the 2012 Summer Olympics? We get James Bond.

Showing an impressive sense of humor and understanding of pop culture, Queen Elizabeth II has agreed to let Daniel Craig and director Danny Boyle shoot an Olympics-themed short film called “The Arrival” at Buckingham Palace. The plot goes, Bond gets an assignment from the Queen — who may or may not make a cameo — that it's his mission to launch the Olympic Games. The short will be played on big screens in the stadium: The attendees will watch Bond get in a helicopter and fly over the stadium… and then Daniel Craig himself will parachute into the stadium live! Talk about the perfect promotion for the new Bond film Skyfall.

It's crazy-fitting how well everything wraps up, timing-wise, with London hosting this year's Olympics. This year is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee — at which the Spice Girls might be performing! — and it's Bond's 50th anniversary on film. I wish this had been a surprise, though; if this were several years ago, no doubt that it would be more under wraps and we wouldn't have heard about it because letting a film crew into Buckingham Palace was news alone. But you know who we'd really love to see cameo in the Bond short? Kate Middleton.