I’m Loving Dane DeHaan’s Smooch-Filled Bromance With Daniel Radcliffe

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Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe at Kill Your Darlings premiere Sundance Film Festival 2013

Dane DeHaan‘s current project that he's promoting is the upcoming The Place Beyond The Pines, but he also recently worked with Daniel Radcliffe on Kill Your Darlings, and the two of them got adorable, bromance-iously close during filming.The two of them play lovers in the film, and share an apparently passion-filled onscreen kiss, and hearing Dane talk about it is wonderfully refreshing. When the interviewer asks if the kiss is worthy of Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards, Dane says:

That is what we want to win. I would love to win it. I think it's an awesome kiss, first of all. I think it's a really beautiful scene, and a beautiful kiss, and I think it's about time two dudes won Best Kiss anyway, so let's do it! It's time for two dudes to win. It would be super fun. Dan and I got so close shooting that, and we're like super good friends now. We're proud of the movie, and we're proud of the kiss. We want a lot of people to see the movie, because we're proud of the message it conveys.

I'm obsessed with that! I feel like there's such a temptation as a heterosexual in Hollywood to distance yourself from gay rumors (there must be, or else how do you explain Jodie Foster losing her mind at the Golden Globes this year?), so to see someone like Dane who's completely not phased by it is such a relief.

“My wife and I had a ‘staycation' at Dan's apartment — but that was after the movie. That was just for fun. That was just because we've gotten super close, so we had a staycation in December at the Radcliffe residence…We also spent New Year's Eve there. For, like, all of December, we just spent all of our time with each other. He's incredibly intelligent and incredibly nice and incredibly talented. He does this for all the right reasons. And we're both total acting nerds. So our two personalities, we happened to get along super well. We watched some movies, we watched some football, and we played a lot of board games. We both love board games.”

Honestly, I could not be happier about the mature, respectful, grounded way he talks about their friendship without feeling the need to justify it or defend himself against gay rumors. I don't know why I'm surprised, actually, because it's really similar to the way that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence effuse over each other as friends. But even though it's technically the same situation, I'm not used to seeing it in a same-sex casting context, so you still get major props, Dane. Major ones.

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