Dane Cook’s NBC Sitcom Was So Bad It Got Super-Canceled (Yes, That’s A Real Thing)

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When I first heard that NBC was giving Dane Cook his very own sitcom, I wondered how the world's most hated comedian would fare against the network's actually funny shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, and even latter day The Office. Were the majority of Americans still enamored enough with Cook's brand of shitty frat boy humor that he could do bafflingly well despite being unanimously critically panned, like the comedy version of Creed?

The answer? He didn't, and they're not. Despite America's tendency to eat up anything with a straw woman feminist and a sexist asshole/awesome bro dude in it, the show (which was called Next Caller) has been canceled, and unlike with most canceled shows, NBC is not even going to try to recoup some of its investment by airing the episodes it already paid to make. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to know how that fast-quipping douchenozzle was going to react to having a tryhard feminist foisted on his dudes-only radio show!

Wherefore this sudden burst of good sense? Was NBC suddenly so embarrassed by their willingness to pander that they decided it wasn't worth the amazing ratings it would get? Or has the success of the aforementioned shows convinced them that people want more than a bunch of sexist “jokes” set to a laugh track? The world may never know, but here's a terrible clip of the terrible show to watch as you ponder:


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Photo: NBC