‘Dancing with the Stars’: Kendra’s Boobs Attack and Ralph and Karina Take a Tumble

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This season on Dancing with the Stars, every single week has been a theme week. I'm okay with occasional theme weeks on the show if they push people outside of their comfort zones – classical week was great because people couldn't rely on the lyrics to help them keep their timing, and it ended up upping everyone's game – but when you have one every single week it just starts to look gimmicky. But Dancing with the Stars is nothing if not gimmicky, so here we go. The theme is “guilty pleasures,” so each of the contestants is supposed to dance to their favorite guilty pleasure song.

Kendra Wilkinson‘s guilty pleasure is “Livin' La Vida Loca.” That works out nicely since she has the samba this week. After getting dinged by the judges and the audience for not working hard enough and complaining, she seems to be working overtime to make it look like she's having fun. The woman has Louis Amstel for a partner, so she should be ecstatic, but I guess Kendra didn't call Kelly Osbourne for moral support. Her samba was solid with a heavy emphasis on shaking it, and the always-NSFW judge Bruno Tonioli said that her dance was “attack of the boobs.”

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