Here Are Some Funny Thanksgiving Autocorrect Fails That’ll Make You Happy — And Hungry

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Mod Familey It Sended Please Come Back


One of the few things that can rival a solid bunch of celebrity-related autocorrects in the hilarity department is a Thanksgiving-themed one. Because, in theory, holidays are all about good, clean family fun. But, everyone who's ever sat through a game of drunken Monopoly, or drunken small talk, or drunken…anything, knows that they're rarely ever good and clean. But the fun! The fun never leaves. It actually manifests itself as laughing at both the victims of overzealous autocorrect features and people who say “Happy Gobble Gobble Day.” But, for now, let's just talk about the first one, okay?

So, here they are: 15 funny Thanksgiving-related autocorrects that will make your Gobble Gobble Day a lil' bit cheerier. Feel free to do with these what you will, but I recommend that you print each one out and use them as entertaining place mats. They'll be a hit with your whole family and also with that one weird neighbor who is always invited for some reason.

1. Bug Feast

DYAC Thanksgiving bug-feast

If there's one thing that I know about superheroes, it's that they don't, under any circumstances, turn down an invitation to a feast. And of bugs, no less! So what's this all about, huh?

2. Crackwhores

DYAC Thanksgiving crackwhores

What an awesome brother this person has that he's willing to get both multiple cheeses and crack whore on such short notice. Family this giving warms my heart.

3. Dick Cookbook

DYAC Thanksgiving dick-cookbook

“Hey, what type of meat is this in the stew? Is it ham?” “Uhhh…no. No it isn't.”

4. Eat My Tits

DYAC Thanksgiving eat-tits

No, Grandma, that'll spoil our appetites.

5. Oh, Uncle Gary

DYAC Thanksgiving fell-asleep1

Oh no, oh no. Where are those TV censor bars when you need them? Like this time when poor Andrew was scarred for the foreseeable future.

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