14 Funny Movie Autocorrect Fails That’ll Make You Laugh

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5. Alien


You think you're going to enjoy yourself, and then boom you're dead.

6. Snow White and the Huntsman


If this movie had involved a bunny, Kristen Stewart might have actually had to show the emotion of love (who doesn't love bunnies??). If it was a congressman, then the cheating scandal that followed the movie probably would have been with a different dude. Though henchman is close, it's actually Snow White and the Huntsman. Not that I watched it or anything. Okay, I did, but I didn't like it.

7. Paula Deen


Considering all of the controversy and scandal Paula Deen has faced lately, this wouldn't be all that surprising.

8. The Hangover Part II


Hey, man, whatever makes you comfortable enough to sit on your butt and watch sequels, you wear it.

9. Lord of the Rings


Now I'm just picturing the cast of Jersey Shore as hobbits. Their fist pumps wouldn't be so high in the air!

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