14 Funny Movie Autocorrect Fails That’ll Make You Laugh

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I rely on my phone to make me seem smarter. It shows me how to get from Point A to Point B, it gives me updates on the news so I can sound like I know what goes on in the world, and it tells me how to pronounce words like “quinoa.” I also use it to follow all of the latest happenings in Hollywood, like celebrity make-ups and break ups, what Miley Cyrus' latest shenanigans are and what movies will likely be winning Oscars in a couple months. But sometimes, my smartphone makes me sound dumb, like when it tries to “fix” a word for me and it actually ruins what I'm trying to say.

Autocorrect mishaps can actually be pretty hilarious. A movie titled “Snow White and the Bunnymen” might not win any awards, but it does make me laugh! Check out these 14 funny movie and TV show related fails from Damn You Autocorrect.

1. Molly Ringwald


Who doesn't love those classic '80s movies? The Chickenpox Club and Sixteen Sneezes, starring Molly Ringworm. They forgot to mention Pretty in Pink Rash!

2. Yoda


As a personal sufferer of allergies myself, I'd like to fight them off with a light saber and some of Yoda's infinite wisdom, too.

3. Batman 


Maybe Catwoman has an affinity for milk? I don't know any other way that this would make sense. But I do know that Christian Bale should be named Sexiest Man Alive one of these years.

4. Harry and the Hendersons


In this lovable sitcom, the furry Harry is found lurking in a New York City subway station by Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson. Fortunately they were wealthy enough to add a wing to their apartment to house him.

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