20 Funny Celeb-Related Autocorrect Fails That’ll Make You Laugh

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Zooey Deschanel New Girl Autocorrect


It's pretty clear that we're living in a world with phones that think they're smarter than us. Like, I get that they aren't living and breathing things, but when I'm writing a completely normal sentence and it “corrects” it to something insane, I think a line has been crossed. And matters get even more out of hand when I'm trying to type someone's name because the number one rule of technology is that it will never be okay with people's names, ever. By “someone's name” I obviously mean “celebrity names,” since I'm basically a celebrity encyclopedia who only talks about pop culture.

So, let's get going, shall we? Here is a collection from Damn You Autocorrect of the 20 most hilarious pop culture-related autocorrect fails to ever be autocorrected.

1. Ben Affleck

ben-aflacThe greatest thing about this is that it's literally impossible to see the Aflac duck without thinking about it saying “AFLAC” in that duck quacking voice. You know the one. So poor Ben Affleck is now “Ben quack quack” in my mind.

2. Courtney Cox


To be fair, writing all of those extra X's was basically asking for autocorrect to step in and porn up the place.

3. Demi Lovato


Demo Locator and the Salina Gumshoes sounds like a children's music band. As a matter of fact, I have some talent to scout because I'm about to make that a reality.

4. Fight Clubfightclub

This person is very clearly a “glass half full” kind of person because she found the bright side of this autocorrect fail. And, if you've ever seen how hot Brad Pitt was in Fight Club, you know that this person really is right when they say that this autocorrect isn't too far off.

5. Colin Firth


This text sender just cannot win. And, maybe it's the internet in me, but I just re-imagined Harry Potter with kittens and called Harry Litter and now I feel cheated that I've gotten this far without having ever seen that come to life.

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