In Honor of Damian Lewis and Homeland’s Season 2 Premiere, Let’s Show Some Ginger Appreciation

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Showtime's second season of Homeland premieres this Sunday, and even though it's a show filled with hotties like Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya, holla) and Morena Baccarin, I'd like to take the time to acknowledge Damian Lewis.  Not only is he phenomenal in his role as Nicholas Brody, but he also puts to rest the misguided notion that redheaded males cannot be sexy.  Let's face it, he singlehandedly turned Jon Hamm into the Susan Lucci of primetime!

In honor of Homeland and Damian Lewis, I've compiled a list of  my favorite Hollywood gingers:

 10.  Conan O'Brien
He's hilarious, he sports a pompadour, and he made fun of Elisabitch Hasselbeck this week.  Enough said.

9.  Debra Messing
I'm willing to forgive her for The Wedding Date because Grace Adler is one of my all-time favorite characters.  And because she's beautiful.

8.) Benedict Cumberbatch
 I have thing for Brits.  Especially those who can act AND manage to snag Liv Tyler.

7.) Nicole Kidman
She used to be higher on this list, but her freakish forehead and flotation-device upper lip are really starting to terrify me.  She's still really talented and better looking than 99% of all humans, so she makes the cut anyway.

6.) Michael C. Hall
Another sexy redhead, another favorite Showtime show.  I would gladly be strapped to Dexter's table and covered in plastic wrap just to be that close him.

5.) Julianne Moore
I don't know many women who can pull off a neon green sister-wife gown quite like she can.  She manages to look fabulous dressed as a stick of Doublemint gum!

4.) Prince Harry
Okay, I know he's not technically “in Hollywood,” but he parties naked in Vegas with hookers and blow,  he's a legitimate prince with a cute accent, AND he seems to have a big heart, even if it he doesn't make the most sound decisions. 

3.) Emma Stone
The only thing Jim Carrey and I have in common is our love for Emma Stone.   Here's hoping she never covers up her ginger tresses with a God awful wig ever again.


2.) Michael Fassbender
I refuse to comment on his penis because he's so much more than just a schlong, you know?  I fell in love with him somewhere in between Inglorious Basterds and Jane Eyre and I haven't been the same since.

1.) Christina Hendricks
Hey, even if her hair color or her enormous jugs aren't real, she's still pretty sexy.  She's hardly as zaftig as the media makes her out to be, but she definitely does us curvy ladies a solid.


(Photos: courtesy of WENN)