Watching Hero Reporter Dale Hansen On Ellen Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Watching Hero Reporter Dale Hansen On Ellen Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Dale Hansen defending Michael Sam on The Ellen Show February 2014 jpgMan, this is really shaping up to be a great Valentine’s Day, you guys. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reminded me of the power of bro-love, an Olympic skier has been rescuing adorable little puppies in Sochi willy-nilly, and Ellen DeGeneres just had hero reporter Dale Hansen on her show to talk more about why he’s so passionately defending Michael Sam.

Just to catch you up, Michael Sam is a defensive end from the University of Missouri who recently came out as homosexual, and who would be the first-ever openly-gay player in the NFL provided he is drafted later this year. Before his announcement, that was a foregone conclusion, as he was a consensus All-American and voted Defensive Player Of The Year in the Southeastern Conference as a senior. Basically, he was the ‘best defensive player in the best football conference in America’, to quote Dale Hansen. We’ll get to that in a moment.

But once he announced, all of a sudden people were downgrading his draft status, estimating that he’d be selected in the third to fifth round (if at all), because his presence would ‘make players uncomfortable’. A lot of sports-based media got on board with that conclusion, but one man in particular — that same Dale Hansen that I mentioned before — decided to take a stand, and filmed the following segment defending Michael Sam and slamming his homophobic detractors.

Yeah dude. Yes. So after seeing that glorious piece of bravery yesterday, Ellen called Dale to invite him to the show, and he pretty much got directly on a plane and went straight to the studio to talk more about his views and receive a thank you from Ellen. And you guys, it’s just so great. He’s such an honest, down-to-earth, humble guy, and he and his wife couldn’t be more excited and effusive about being there. He even shrugs off being defined as a hero, because he says, “The brave thing and the great thing was what Michael Sam did.”

Honestly please watch it. It will restore you faith in humanity and love and football and Valentine’s Day and allies and Texans and anything and everything else that needs restoring.

Yay, my heart.