Dakota Johnson Almost Flashes Her Boobs On Live TV, Makes The Joke We Were All Thinking

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Dakota Johnson Almost Flashes Her Boobs on Live TV  Makes the Joke We Were All Thinking Dakota Johnson Peoples Choice gif

The People’s Choice Awards were quite eventful last night. Not only did a random guy crash the stage and have to be literally kicked off by Sharon Osbourne, but Dakota Johnson nearly flashed her boobs while accepting her award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. The same boobs she showed onscreen in Fifty Shades of Grey… which, let’s face it, is probably the reason a whole lot of people made her their choice for this category in the first place. Flashing her boobs would only be fitting. And Dakota seems to agree.

It all started when presenter Leslie Mann hugged Dakota after handing her the award. She apparently did something to the back of Dakota’s crop top (Pulled the zipper? Broke the zipper? Put a curse on it?) that made Dakota think it was going to come off. When she got up to the microphone she told everyone, “Leslie broke my dress” and then said what pretty much everyone was thinking: “It’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs.” I’m fairly certain she didn’t mean to use a double negative there, but hey, everybody messes up sometimes in the moment. I’m still haunted by that time I started a sentence with the word “me.”

Good on Dakota for laughing it off. Not that she probably wants to flash her boobs to anyone at any time just because they’re preserved on film for the rest of existence. Especially if she doesn’t get paid for it in anything more than a useless hunk of glass. But really, when you’re accepting an award for Fifty Shades of Grey, you kind of have to have a sense of humor. When you’re in Fifty Shades of Grey in the first place, you have to have a sense of humor. I mean really, people. No really. People. Look at your choices.

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