Since When Is Dakota Fanning Old Enough To Be Losing Her Virginity?

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Dakota Fanning is still like twelve years old and starring in The Cat And The Hat, right? No? She's eighteen and starting work on the movie Very Good Girls with Demi Moore and Elizabeth Olsen where she's trying to lose her virginity? I'm gonna need a moment to process all that. Since when did Dakota transition from being a child actor to being a…well, a young adult actor? Did I miss something, or is this that edgy role that finally pushes her over that line? Because up until now, my recollection of her in movies has been as the precocious young girl teaching a valuable and poignant lesson to the film's other protagonists. I don't recall seeing her dabble in drugs or fight or even swear in any of her recent movies, so I guess I just wasn't ready for this.

In the movie, Dakota and her best friend, played by Elizabeth Olsen, make a pact together to lose their virginity the summer after they graduate from high school. Sounds perfect, right? What could go wrong! But this is MovieWorld, so they live in a town with only one guy, and they both fall for him. So now it's a competition to see which of these girls — both of whom I believed to be underage until I started writing this article — can bang the guy first. Romantic, no? (Quick note: apparently Elizabeth is actually 23, which isn't that much older than 18, I guess, but makes me feel wildly more comfortable when writing about her.)

Very Good Girls sounds like one of those movies that I'll secretly see and guiltily enjoy, but I'm sure I'll be distracted by sexualized Dakota. Are we even allowed to talk openly about the sexual lives of people born in the nineties? I thought there were laws against that! Sigh. What is this world coming to when people don't stay the same age that they are in my head? This is very confusing for me…it makes my brains go all jumbly.

Well, go get it, Dakota. If you haven't traded in the old V-card yet, and you're a Method actor, you're about to make some lucky guy very very happy.

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