I Know Lizzie Olsen And Dakota Fanning Are On The Set Of Very Good Girls, But I Don’t Think Teenagers Dress Like That When Trying To Lose Their Virginity

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Lizzie Olsen Dakota Fanning on set Very Good Girls costumes wtfA few weeks ago, we agonized over Dakota Fanning‘s new project Very Good Girls, where she and Elizabeth Olsen play two high school seniors who make a pact to lose their virginity one summer but then (gasp) fall for the same guy and find their friendship tested. We worried that Dakota was too damn young to be starring in such a sexualized role, but these new photos from the movie set make the two young stars look way too old to be in high school. That, or this movie is set in the '80s.

In these photos from Gossip Center, the girls are chilling on-set: Lizzie in what looks like a garish bowling club shirt, short-shorts, and high-tops, and Dakota rather frumpy in a T-shirt and jeans. I think I know enough about both girls' styles to say that this is more likely from the costume department than their own closets… which is why I'm confused. As far as I know, Very Good Girls is set in the present. And the styles of the outfits make it clear that Lizzie's character is the more sexually precocious, confident one, while Dakota is sweet and naive.

But where are the Seven jeans and Madewell tops? Or anything that a) was made after 2010 and b) that emphasizes their assets. Just looking at this from the characters' motivations, if they're each trying to get the attention of this enigmatic street artist (as the IMDb synopsis tells us), wouldn't they be tarting it up? I just don't understand where the costume designers are coming from with this movie. It seems like the filmmakers are going for uber-dramatic, whereas I'd love to see something much more down-to-earth, a female Superbad. (Note that no one wondered about the boys' costumes in that movie because Jonah Hill and Michael Cera probably just raided their own closets.)

Also, I'm confused—is Peter Sarsgaard the yummy street artist, or is the much more age-appropriate Boyd Holbrook the target of their hormones? We need to know more about this movie before we can pass judgment!

Photo: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com