That’s Only ‘Kind Of’ Dakota Fanning’s Real Butt In The Movie Very Good Girls

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twilight breaking dawn 2 131112That sound you just heard was every jaw in American hitting the ground in incredulity as Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen revealed that those aren't teeeeechnically their real butts in their upcoming movie Very Good Girls. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival, and both ladies were asked by reporters at the premiere party whether they used butt doubles for a scene in which they streak down the beach. Simple question, right? Yes or no? WRONG.

According to Dakota, “It’s, like, complicated. It’s kind of mine.” Oh okay, makes sense. You can't own people anymore, so I'll assume she just paid money to rent her own butt double for the day so that she could say it was hers. Otherwise, what an odd comment. But the film's writer and director Naomi Foner is luckily on-hand to explain, saying, “they weren't actually naked.” Apparently both girls were wearing bathing suits, but “they painted the bathing suit out — it’s CGI.” Ohhh fancy. But leave it to our misogynistic mess of a society to CGI the floral pattern off a girl's butt, am I right? Why can't we just let our naturally gingham cheeks hang out!

Elizabeth was a little more forthcoming about her butt-ventures, though, admitting that she did in fact go the whole nine yards and get an actual butt double. “It’s a double and then they CGI-ed the stuff in the water. But I think my double has a great ass.” Elizabeth gets double points for both admitting that she used a double, and then complimenting her in the process. That's the kind of attitude we like to see in a pair of cheeks. Dakota gets no points for bizarrely claiming half a butt, and butts get points just for being butts.

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)