Please Don’t Cast Dakota Fanning As A Sextress In 50 Shades Of Grey

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The erotica-novel-turned-NC-17 movie 50 Shades of Grey will cast the main roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey soon and we're all excited to see who they pick.  And nervous. Especially after hearing from E! News that Sunday Boling, the movie's directorwants Dakota Fanning to play Anastasia Steele and Chris Hemsworth to play Christian Grey.

I'm neutral on the Hemsworth casting, but pretty upset about the Steele casting.  Little Dakota Fanning cannot play a sextress. Not yet. It's too soon. I still have all her heartwrenching scenes from I Am Sam and her touching scenes from Charlotte's Web stuck in my head. Yes, I know she's in college now and I know she's en route to being a grown woman, but she's still 12 in my head and I can't imagine watching her in a sex scene.

Which is exactly why she might do it. Nothing changes your image with the public faster than a sex scene. Everyone will review her and rave Dakota Fanning's all grown up now. She'll go on from this role to get every other sexy role in the industry. And that will be followed by plastic surgery to secure her spot as America's sexpot, closely followed by drug addiction, a few months in Celebrity Rehab, a 20/20 tell-all interview and finally a recurring guest spot on a CBS sitcom you'll watch when there's nothing else on.

I see it all happening right before my eyes. Which is why I'm hoping Dakota Fanning doesn't do it. Not for a few more years, not till she's out of school and working fulltime. I just need a few more years to adjust to her being all grown-up.