14-Year-Old Elle Fanning Copies Dakota Fanning With Her Own Creepy Perfume Ad

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Most girls look up to their big sisters. It's only natural. So when 14-year-old Elle Fanning saw Dakota Fanning get banned in the UK for her Lolita (i.e. child rape) referencing perfume ad, she went out and did a Lolita-themed perfume ad of her own.

As Elle is only 14, the ad isn't as blatantly sexual as Dakota's flower crotch one, but still seems to be based on the interplay of “little kid playing in the woods” and “budding young woman,” as evidenced by the smoldering glances she gives the camera and the times it zooms in on her playing with her mouth. Plus, it does not escape me that the name of the perfume itself is Lolita Lempicka. I realize “Lolita” is technically a name possessed by people other than Nabokov‘s famous young rape victim, but its associations are so intense that it might not be the best name for a brand. And I don't think it's a coincidence that a perfume called “Lolita” is enlisting 14-year-old girls to help promote it. I don't mean to sound like a crotchety mom here, but where were her parents on this?

If you don't believe me that this ad is meant to be prurient, check out the animated GIFs people are already making:

If that doesn't give you the douchechills, I know a very special club you are probably a part of.

(Via ONTD)