18 Fictional Characters on The CW We Want As Besties In Real Life

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The CW

When it comes to our favorite TV shows, there's always at least one character that we absolutely adore. And we're not talking about major crushes (although we definitely have those, too). We're talking about the quirky, down-to-earth characters that we all wish we could bond with over drinks at the bar. Or rather, the ones who would make amazing BFFs in real life.

These guys are usually the highlight of the show and they steal every scene, whether it's with their witty sarcasm or their goofy humor. And when it comes to their relationships, they're fiercely loyal and they don't hesitate to make sacrifices for the ones that they love. They're not perfect, of course. But even with their flaws, they're often the glue that holds everyone together and we can't imagine these shows existing without them in it.

We've seen our fair share of these kinds of characters on The CW, from classics like One Tree Hill to recent hit shows like The Vampire Diaries. See which fictional characters we'd totally want as besties IRL.