16 Adorable Co-Star Couples We Ship Hard

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There are lots of couples who we love. Some of them are on TV, others are from movies and then there are those real-life couples that just seem so perfect. There are also those couples who are together on screen and off that we are completely in love with.

There's something romantic about actors and actresses meeting on movie sets, realizing that they have undeniable chemistry and continuing their relationships off-screen. We really shouldn't be surprised that so many celebs hook up given that they can spend 18 hours a day shooting together, but it still makes for a great love story — especially when the relationships lasts.

Sadly, not all co-star couples end up staying together. Sometimes, the relationships fizzle after the press tour and the stars move on to their separate projects. But, not all on-screen/off-screen couples end up that way. There are those happy times where the celebs stay together…and sometimes end up getting married and having kids. Have a look at 16 cute co-star couples who we L-O-V-E.