If The Cutest Animal Moments Of 2013 Video Doesn’t Make You Sqee, You Need To Return Your Ovaries

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Cute Puppies Falling


You know that feeling you get when you curl up on the couch in pajamas with hot chocolate and watch a corny movie. That's how this video of 2013's cutest animal moments will make you feel. Even if you're a heartless robot who didn't cry during the scene when the animals emerged from the woods in Homeward Bound. In fact I'll go far as to say even if you're Voldemort.

How do I know this? Well, one, I dated Voldemort briefly in college (great in bed, horrible at commitment…and not murdering people) and I know he would love this. And two, I'm not usually into cutesy things — 90% of things on Pinterest make me want to vom — and I like this video. In fact I watched it all the way through twice. Truth be told, I think I even “aww-ed” aloud. And I never aww aloud. I promised my “awws” to Ursula in exchange for a blog back in the mid '00s. So the fact that I audibly expressed my appreciation means a lot. For me and for this video's credibility. Also, before you even ask, that aww-for-clicks arrangement's pretty standard around the Internet.

So sit back, pretend you're wearing your most ragged pair of sweats and prepare to be induced into some kind of cuteness coma. And trust me, I already hate myself for saying cuteness coma. But as a self-certified Internet doctor, I don't know how else to describe what you're going to feel.