Enjoy This Photo Of Meryl Streep Adorably Horrified While Magician David Blaine Eats Her Wine Glass

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Meryl Streep adorable photo David Blaine eat glass horrified not acting love herIt's been way too long since there was a Meryl Streep photo or video to lighten our days. Earlier this year, she had that great whipsmart retort about whether she'd star in the Devil Wears Prada sequel. Then we unearthed that great photo of her riding the subway when she hardly older than us. But that was months ago, and we started to wonder if we'd imagined all of the Meryl cuteness.

Then Vulture snapped this great photo from David Blaine‘s performance at an event for the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation the other night. Although the illusionist's work has fallen into the side of unbelievable spectacle as of late, as Uproxx points out, he started out as a street artist doing simple but astonishing tricks. And you know what he did at the other night's soiree? He walked right on over to Meryl Streep, picked up her wine glass, and started chomping.

It's a trick that Blaine has done on many an unsuspecting audience, but this might be the first time he's gotten in a celebrity's face to show off his unique skills. In fact, he told Vulture, “I'm not allowed to do it often, because I get in trouble for it. But I really like to do it.” I don't know if “trouble” means that restaurant managers and his own handlers get angry for him, or simply that his system can't handle glass shards ('cause, you know, glass).

Either way, he must have deemed Meryl Streep as special enough to witness up-close a thirty-second-long reprisal of his trick. We can't imagine anyone more deserving.

Photo: Vulture