Crushable’s Guide to the New Guys On ‘Mad Men’

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Don't think that we haven't been paying attention to you this season, Mad Men. We care about you the way Don cares about his older son: We think about you a lot, probably, we just haven't gotten around to talking about you, ever. But you still exist, and this season you've grown a lot! Don is sad! He's letting just about everyone know his secrets these days! Alison Brie has gotten super-pregnant over the course of 3 episodes! Vietnam! But most importantly: a lot more 20-somethings goofing off in the lounge. We may have lost Kinsey and Sal, but now we have “that jock-jerk art guy,” “the really cute but definitely an asshole freelancer,”  “the Jew” and “the lesbian.”  Here's Crushable's guide to the new guys and gals on the show!

Stan Rizzo (aka “The Jock”)

Without so much of a “Welcome aboard, Biff!” Stan Rizzo has become the new art director for Sterling, Cooper, Draper Pryce.

Defining characteristics: The opposite of Sterling Cooper's former art director, Salvatore Romano, Stan Rizzo is aptly named, because he looks like he just stepped out of Grease. He's a misogynist and a cocky mofo, though Peggy can put him in his place by getting naked with him in a hotel room. Which uh, in real life probably would not have ended that well.

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