Crushable’s Got a New Competitor: Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie Magazine

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Tavi Gevinson, the stylish wunderkind who was attending fashion shows when she was 12, is now 15 and into blogging. Her new project Rookie Mag is a cross between a magazine and a website: Each month will be a new theme, but the content consists of three posts a day. (After all, Tavi does spend most of her time in high school.) We assumed that Tavi's next venture would follow her stints at Blackbook and working with Target — that is, being about fashion — so imagine our surprise when several of her posts were the kinds of confessionals and pop culture commentary you'd see on our site.

Take, for instance, the post “Cartoon Characters and Their Teenage Alter Egos,” which matches up the protagonists of As Told By Ginger, Braceface, and other forgotten '00s cartoons with iconic teenage girls from movies/shows like My So-Called Life and 10 Things I Hate About You. Technically, Tavi and the writers on her staff were barely out of diapers when these shows aired, but we can't begrudge them the good idea. (And Spinelli from Recess totally is Jane Lane from Daria!)

We sort of assumed Tavi would always stay in her fashion bubble, but what she's doing isn't abnormal: She's testing out boundaries and trying new things, one of which is obviously demonstrating her pop culture knowledge. As if she knew that we'd be warily eyeing the TV/movie-related posts on her site, Tavi herself has penned an essay on “girl hate” and how to fight against the resentment we feel for other women, conditioned by society as we are to turn on one another. It's blunt and well-written; honestly, I wish I'd come across something like this in high school.

So congrats, Tavi and co, on launching a new site for young women to share in the angst of growing up and talk about movies and TV. We'll be glad to show you the ropes around the ol' Internet, even though your generation's probably more intuitively plugged-in than we are.

On second thought, let's just peacefully coexist and trade Daria references.