Crushable’s Adventures At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: Red Carpet, Night Rides, And VIP Status

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As promised, here's the second gallery from my trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida last weekend. (And make sure to check out yesterday's photos of the park itself.) Now, even though I'm calling this the “VIP” gallery, that doesn't mean that everything included is super-secret. Several of these photos you've seen before, but they're what I snapped while on our VIP tour of Islands of Adventure as well as Universal Studios.  (In fact, we were instructed not to take photos on certain parts of the tour, mostly navigating the “secret passages” between parks.)

There are also several shots from the red carpet, with the cast and crew milling about and answering reporters' questions, and the afterparty. Did we mention that they closed down the park for this party and we got to ride the coasters and explore the stores without pushing through crowds? Now that was the highlight of the trip.