Crushable Weekends Need A Drink(ing Game)

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Hey, kids. I have some sad news for you: This is my last weekend as Crushable’s faithful Weekend Editor. It’s been a good run, but alas, it’s time to say goodbye. You’ll still be able to catch me over at BettyConfidential or on Twitter, though, so it’s not goodbye forever; it’s just a change of scene. That said, though, I’ll miss you all, and I’ll miss our weekend extravaganzas. So let’s make sure Crushable’s former weekends go out with a bang, shall we? This– obviously– calls for a drinking game!

A wild Gallery appears!: Take a drink.
Is it celeb-based?: Take a drink and drool over your favorite celebs.
Is it art-based?: Take a drink and decorate your walls.
Is it geek-based?: Take a drink and geek out.
Is it some combination of the above options?: Take a drink for each element contained within the gallery. Because that’s how we roll.
A post involving ‘80s nostalgia appears: Take a drink and fend off Skeletor.
A post involving ‘90s nostalgia appears: Take two drinks and check in with The ‘90s Are All That.
David Bowie is mentioned: Take a drink for each occurrence.

It’s Saturday night. You know what that means: It’s time for Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t!: Take a drink and mount your courage to the sticking place.
You’re reading Creepy Things alone in your house: Take two drinks and take a trip inside the Cabinet.
You’re reading Creepy Things in the dark: Take three drinks and dream about This Man.
You’re reading Creepy Things alone in your house in the dark: Take four drinks and watch out for Slender Man.

A post about Star Wars appears: Take a drink and whip out your lightsaber.
A post about Courtney Stodden appears: Take a drink and try to figure her out (again).
A post about Courtney Stodden and Star Wars appears: I… don’t think I ever wrote anything like that, but take a drink anyway, because the idea is hilarious.
The tag “strange and unusual” is used: Take a drink for each occurrence.
Sunday morning? Sunday Cute!: Awwww. Take a drink.
Sunday cute features a cat: Double awwww. Take two drinks.
Sunday Cute features a cat getting rescued from a hole via the careful application of a leaf blower: Triple awwww. Take three drinks.
You’re laughing at the cat and the leaf blower, even though you really don’t think you should be: Take four drinks and laugh heartily. Because I mean, really. How can you NOT laugh at this?
A Teen Mom post appears: Take a drink.
It’s about Jenelle Evans: Take as many drinks as it takes to get through it.

A drinking game appears: Take a drink, of course!
You actually play it: Really? I don’t believe you.
Yes, really: Well then. Playing one of those games has enough alcohol involved to knock you royally on your arse, doesn’t it?
Yes, it does: Take a drink.
One more for good measure?: Done.

And I’m out. It’s been real, y’all! Don’t be strangers, now!