Crushable Quoteable: Johnny Depp Apologizes For Comparing Paparazzi Photography To Rape

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Johnny Depp is the latest celeb who's been forced to backtrack from a shitty, insensitive comment he made to the press. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnny said the following about being photographed by the paparazzi: “Well, you just feel like you're being raped somehow. Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man.” Naturally, the comment was pretty alarming and now Johnny has released a statement apologizing for his insensitivity:

“I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.”

Whether or not Johnny's sorry isn't really the issue. What's worrisome here is the fact that the word “rape” has become synonymous with the word “violate” — to the point that people in the public eye who should know better are regularly making comments that trivialize sexual assault. (Kristen Stewart said something similar not long ago.)

Sure, being photographed by the paparazzi must suck, but it's not the same thing as rape, so knock it the heck off, famous people.