Crushable Quoteable: Dance Moms Teacher Abby Lee Miller On Why She’s Tough On Her Students

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I watched one episode of Dance Moms because I was flipping through the channels and happened to land on it, and sat there in rapt hour for the entirety of the hour. The moms of the pint-sized dancers are bad enough, but coach Abby Lee Miller practically tortures to kids, making them rehearse for hours and yelling at them if they happen to be less that perfect. Celebuzz talked to Abby and asked her to respond to criticisms that she's too harsh with her tots:

“It’s my goal to create amazing employable dancers. That’s different from just being an amazing dancer. I’m tough on my students so professional choreographers won’t have to be. They’re on time, they are prepared, they have their heels, they have their music…they can do whatever it takes. That’s why they continue working because they are amazing dancers. It should be a joy to hire one of my students.”

Abby, they're children! They should be sipping juice boxes on the playground, not auditioning for the Joffrey. It's all in the name of brief reality show fame, though, so it must be worth it.