Crushable Quoteable: Carey Mulligan Talks On-Screen Nudity

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Carey Mulligan ain't shy about taking off her clothes, no sir. Well, at least she isn't anymore, after she was forced to step outside her comfort zone for her role in sex-addiction flick Shame. In an interview with W Mag, which boasts Carey on the cover, she explains:

“I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of nudity. I’ve done only semi-nude, very innocent things in the past. When it came to this, it just seemed so obvious that she is the sort of person who would have no trouble being naked… Weirdly, it was fine. You take your clothes off, and you’re like, ‘Ah—all of you are wearing clothes, and I’m naked, ha, ha, ha.’ It’s kind of fun—not that I would continue to do it. The nudity helped me dive into who she was.”

Even with all that nudity out of the way, Carey still had some terrifying moments on set. Specifically, the scene where she sings “New York, New York”:

“I’ve never sung in a movie before. The point wasn’t really that Sissy was a great singer—it was more that she attracted people. I sing “New York, New York” in the film, and Steve wanted it live. We did 15 takes—because every time I made a mistake or my voice fell out of tune or I lost my breath, we’d have to cut, and Steve wanted to do the whole thing in one go. At one point he wanted Sissy to sing something else and asked me to make up a song,”

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